World Information and Rumors

**Several small islands have been discovered to the south of Snogard Island. They are inhabited by a seemingly primitive and innocent tribe who are reluctant to allow outsiders land on their shores. These islands are approximately 2-3 days sail due south. There are signs that other more civilized cultures may have had contact with these tribes as well.

**One day’s journey to the northwest is a small island supposedly inhabited by a band of pirates, although this has never been confirmed. Our explorers have yet to find a harbor or lagoon that could hide any ship.

**Scholars have debated for centuries that those banished have been transported to an entirely different world than the one they were on. No firm facts support this theory; however, the debate continues to this day.

**While it is known that your island is hidden from all outsiders by powerful magical spells, the occasional foreign ship does sail into one of our harbors at times. Those who have landed on our shores have promised to determine our position on their maps and return with information of the world outside. None have ever set foot on the island again.

**Those foreign sailors have brought tales of a ship blackened by fire which holds a crew of skeletons and is captained by what appears to be an undead creature. No ship has been close enough to this burnt ship to discover any other useful information, such as a name or masthead for the ship.

**Another popular tale from the foreign sailors involves the story of a great treasure hidden on an island that appears only once every 200 years, each time in a seemingly random location.

**It has been passed down through the centuries that the homeland you were banished from held a mighty natural citadel of stone called “The Spiral”. Within this citadel, it is said, is hidden the knowledge of how life on this world came to be.

**Scholars have estimated that the main continents of this world (one of which most likely holds your homeland) are to the northeast, the south, and west. Without accurate maps of the world, no one is positive where these continents are or which one may hold information regarding your original homeland.

**An underground river was discovered some centuries ago on the northern part of the island. Entrance to it from above has since been blocked off by erosion and landslides.

**A well-known scholar of the past, one Edward Ferdig, believed that the humanoid races of this world were indeed not indigenous to this world, but came from their own worlds by some means of transport.


World Information and Rumors

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