Character Creation

I use a program called Hero Lab to aid in character creation tasks. There are other online sources available to help in the process as well. As long as the character creation rules mentioned here are followed, whatever source the players want to use is acceptable.


  • 15-point ability score buy, as defined in the Core Rule Book. While I see the campaign as becoming more of a “high fantasy” campaign, there are some little extras the characters have to allow them to be successful later in the campaign without using the sometimes unbalancing 20-point buy.
  • NO EVIL ALIGNMENTS WITHIN THE PARTY! This may change as the game progresses through cursed items, magical spells, or alignment slips, but no character is allowed to begin with an evil alignment.
  • All characters need at least a short back story. I realize that it is a limited area where the characters originate, but a short back story of some childhood adventure on the island which lead the character to their chosen class, a dream of some magical battle, or even a background of their family not only adds depth to the character and to the party, but gives the GM possible side treks and adventure/encounter options. The back story can be just a paragraph long; it doesn’t have to be a novel, though the longer, the better.
  • There is no gunpowder in my fantasy world (yet), so the gunslinger class is not allowed. Considering the starting point for the characters, the inquisitor, summoner, and witch classes are questionable as well, although an explanation/discussion would be the final deciding factor on allowing these classes. Also, 3rd party classes are not allowed as player characters. (This does not mean the players will not meet these classes as allies or enemies throughout their adventuring).
  • Some of the extras mentioned earlier include:

Each character will likely possess some minor innate spell-like ability, which will be usable a very limited amount of times per day. These could include light, detect magic, acid arrow, or possibly even stronger spells such as cure light wounds or magic missile. The strength and availability of these spell-like abilities are initially unknown to the characters (although they will know what ability they possess). These abilities are randomly determined by the GM.

The option to learn less-common languages by using two language slots to learn one less-common language is allowed.

The possibility of an heirloom weapon (appropriate to the character’s class) or a low-level spell book passed down from a family member at character creation. These are also randomly determined by the GM.

Character Creation

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