Gaming Days/Times and Misc.

I am looking at Saturdays as game day, probably every other week (unless the group wants to game weekly). I’m fairly sure we can hold the games at Gamer Haven…it would depend on if they had another even going on at the same time or not.

My preference for getting started is early afternoon, but again, that will be dependent upon the group. My thought is about a 4-5 hour session time, so the earlier we start, the easier it is to adjust the game as we go regarding time (I’d rather not end a session in the middle of a big combat or something that is important to the group). Following the thought of early afternoon, the last time I was in a face-to-face group, we started about noon and went until 5 or 6, depending on everyone’s schedules,

Please be aware that I am by no means an expert with every single rule in every single book. I tend to use the “if it seems plausible, let the players try it” outlook on gaming. If I think something is next to impossible, I still believe that there may be that one-in-a-million chance that it might happen.

Books I have available (if someone needs reference to something): Core Rulebook, Advanced Player’s Guide, Advanced Race Guide, and Ultimate Magic. Look at the Pathfinder SRD for quick access as well. Look at my General House Rules for any restrictions or exceptions to the rules in the book/online. I also have a wealth of other option rules/items/monsters/NPC’s that will likely be thrown into the mix as well, but you’ll learn about those as you adventure.

Gaming Days/Times and Misc.

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