Your people were banished from your homeland by a powerful conclave of evil wizards some 1500 years ago. All who were banished, and all who were descendant from them, were born with “The Mark”: a red sword which pointed downwards just above the bridge of the nose. They were told by the wizards that this mark meant certain death for any who ventured from the small island they had been placed on. There is now a generation born without “The Mark” and you are among them. The elders have called you together to learn of a great prophesy…and a great quest.

For the last 1500 years, the inhabitants of Snogard Island, as your people have named it, have learned to live in peace and harmony with all creatures. Hidden from the world by powerful magical spells, the island has become home to elf and orc, dwarf and goblin, gnome and ogre and human alike for many generations. While life is peaceful on the island, those who are not natives of the island grow more restless to return to their original homeland. All have been able to do nothing but dream of this for many hundreds of years, but now there have been a handful born on the island that bare no magical mark upon their brow. These special few are spoken of in a long-forgotten prophesy; a prophesy which tells of a return to the homelands your forefathers settled and ruled. All that is left is finding your way to this homeland and finding a way to bring your people back to prominence there.

The powerful magicks used to hide the island have had strange effects on some inhabitants, granting some of the latest generation of children innate magical abilities. Some can bring forth a magical light with just the snap of a finger, some can produce water where there was none before, some are even rumored to have more powerful abilities at the tips of their fingers. Whether these magical abilities will be a hindrance or an aid in finding your homelands is unknown at this time. Whether or not these magical abilities will continue to function when not on Snogard Island is unknown. All that is known is that now the time has come for a small band of adventurers to seek out the truth as to why their people were banished and how their homeland can be returned to them.

The Banished

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